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Newcastle and Hunter Valley Wedding photographer, Gez Xavier Mansfield

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As a child, my dreams were woven from the magic of motion pictures and crafting scenes on a toy-filled living room floor.

However, I didn’t know this path would lead me to where I stand today – as an Australian wedding photographer with a heart ablaze for capturing the untamed spirit of love.

The Journey began as that “creative kid”; A seeker of laughter and a purveyor of joy. Moreover, I believed in sharing the vibrant love of life I felt with everyone around me, igniting rooms with laughter and lighting up moments that would forever linger. Furthermore, it’s an honour I hold dear, having guests approach me at weddings expressing gratitude for making the day an unforgettable delight. 

Entering the World of Photography

A pivotal moment marked the entry of my first camera, an Olympus Trip35, and a roll of Kodak 100TMax. Enter the world of photography.

In addition, my mid-20’s saw me embrace international travel with the love of fitness through mind strengthening, endurance adventures. A Bachelor of Design from NIDA was also earned, yet it was the allure of photography that remained by my side. In fact, I captured my first wedding in Sydney in 2012, before relocating to become a Newcastle and Hunter Valley Wedding Photographer, full time. 

We Live & Breathe Weddings.

By my side is my remarkable partner Tanya, the owner and head makeup artist at CHIC ARTISTRY. Together, we live and breathe weddings, and our combined experience spans over two and a half decades. Weddings have been our life since we met back in 2013.

Above all, we cherish family and close friends. Exploring the world’s wonders and sharing exhilarating moments with our beloved cavalier, Frankie.

We call Lorn home, nestled in the embrace of the Hunter Valley – a playground of country enchantment and endless possibilities. It is here, amidst the rolling hills and serene landscapes that I have the privilege of crafting wedding stories that stand as timeless treasures.

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