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Capturing weddings and elopements for over 12 years now has allowed my professional skillset to grow in all conditions, working alongside amazing couples who trust in me to document their day as it flows. From guiding couples through those ‘awkward’ first moments at an e-shoot, to helping plan the day in the lead up to the wedding, my role is to make your experience fun, easy and memorable. 

A dash of personal life

I’m a 35 year old something who loves the great outdoors, making people laugh and proudly boasts how growing your own veggies is key to amazing flavour

My life revolves around my mini family – My amazing partner Tanya, and our cheeky Cavalier called Frankie – if allowed, he’s attend all of our weddings…

I believe that ‘health is wealth’, the road less travelled will always be more exciting and that grounding to the earth is all about recharging your soul for whatever adventures lie ahead. My connection with couples is real. I feel I was blessed with an amazing talent to make friends where ever I go. 

Favourite drink would have to iced sparkling water – dash of lemon, and my favourite food would be a Green Curry.

I shot my 1st wedding in 2012 – and loved every second of it. My photography has taken me so many places over the years, and my re-found love for film is now also being implemented into my wedding work.

In 5 years I see myself still capturing weddings within Australia. My dream location to capture a wedding would have to be on the West Coast of Ireland.

I’m one of 5 siblings in my family – and we all speak weekly. Coming from a big family has allowed me to be a great people person, and to include all in the fun.

I have two cars – I know… I know – shocking… but one’s a work van (for travel work ect) and the other is to zip around tight streets and park in incredible places.

My dream couple is the couple who love the outdoors, music, family and great times. Who are stoked to be getting married and who can’t wait to hit the dance floor.

A couple who want’s guidance on the day, but seamlessly forgets they’re being photographed… 

Working with the Best

By my side is my remarkable partner Tanya, the owner and head makeup artist at CHIC ARTISTRY.

Together we live and breathe weddings and our combined experience spans over two and a half decades.

Weddings have been our life since we met (at a wedding….) in 2013.

Exploring the world’s wonders and sharing exhilarating moments while active and young, is what we both love. Doing this while working is ever more amazing!

And yes – we love to work alongside one another to make brides feel and look incredible at their weddings.

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