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My story in a nutshell.

I started photographing weddings a while back with the love for connecting with awesome, like-minded couples. Coming from a big family helped this immensely, with amazing memories of growing up and being surrounded by loud, loving people. When people started sharing the wedding photos I shot for them, it soon became evident that this was going to be a full time thing.

I packed up and left the big smoke, making the move to the Hunter Valley and I’ve never looked back. Seeing more of the county than ever before with the opportunities that started to arrive. I’m so lucky to meet and photograph 30 weddings a year now, meeting unreal people, hearing their story and sharing in their day!

My inspiration?

I’m inspired by the intimate life between couples. Loud. Colourful. Quiet. Quirky. Arty or Normal - in their own right. I just love people.

I generally love the world around us. The millions of sunrise’s and sunset’s that makes this rocking world go round. Clearly my go to fav times of the day.

And finally, Music. This medium constantly invites itself into my life, and soon, into yours! Mood changing and cinematic on wedding days.

Advice for couples at this stage?

Easy. Plan a party guys, not a wedding! I tell this to all my couples, all the time. The more fun it is plan your day, the more fun it will be for you, them, and all of your guests!

Think back to a wedding you both went to that you loved. What made it so bloody good? Got it? Great. Now add that into your wedding day schedule!

Weddings to me?

It’s two legends having the best day of their lives together, in front of nearest and dearest.

Professionally, it’s capturing the day as it flows, uninterrupted, candid and relaxed being relaxed whilst doing it is the key to story-telling images that will be with you forever.

It’s ‘cheers’ing’ to everything awesome about your lives together, and it’s taking the time out for five minutes to let everything sink in under the stars.

The future ahead?

I hope to see the industry evolve even more than it has in the last 4-5 years. The rise of destination weddings and elopements is becoming even more common, with couples talking on more professional vendor advice when planning their day.

It’s the pushing of boundaries to what a ‘wedding experience’ should be - a party that includes a stunning white dress, top shelf whiskey and a few smoke bombs!

It’s the fall of wedding expo’s, magazines and and ‘classic marketing’, to online worldwide wedding styles and fresh ideas.

What now.

Go get inspired! Read my Google reviews from past couples I’ve been so lucky to capture their day.

Check out some of the wedding galleries that other couples are so proud of under the COUPLES tab.

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