A Day of Unforgettable Wedding at Adams Peak Country Estate. 

What an epic journey it was! The stage was set on a Saturday morning, bathed in the gentle embrace of a beautiful sunrise. As the air carried the crisp feel of winter still, we ventured to the enchanting Broke at Adams Peak Country Estate.



The Prelude: Groomsmen and Country Vibes;

The day began with a vibrant display of brand-new country-style RM Williams boots – a tribute to the groom’s styled country estate spirit, perfectly paired with the lucky sponsorship from Hawkesbury Valley Brewing Co. The main house showcased country tunes with a symphony of laughter and preparation, helping each other look and feel great going into the afternoon.

With a keen sense of timing, we ventured outside to take on some memory making headshots. The moment was also impeccably timed by the presence of Duncan’s mother, lending her skills in the flower department. Ensuring his jacket florals were attached perfectly the creations of Wild Rosie Florals were a stand out on bone coloured suits supplier by Peter Jackson.

The Bridal Canvas: Elegance and Excitement;

Transitioning to the bridal suite, and in addition to saying hello to Paper Fox Designs stylish and always elegant place-card holders at reception,  a realm of elegance unfolded as Leah and her bridesmaids were adorned by the gifted hands of Chic Artistry in the hair and make up department. Champagne flowed as laughter and anticipation built as the afternoon drew closer. Like all weddings, not every goes to plan. However, Duncan and Leah’s children, a testament to their love, added a touch of heartwarming charm to the day’s narrative.

The Heartfelt Celebration;

As 2:30 PM arrived, an intimate celebration was about to kick off. A dear friend of the couple, Marley Stretton stood as the celebrant, sculpting an atmosphere of intimacy and authenticity. Vows were exchanged in this intimate and brief celebration under the warm winter sun. We concluded the event by a confetti toss and large group shot – drinks in hand of course.




A Country Estate Winter Sunset; 

The afternoon country wove its magic, punctuated by popping corks and mini culinary delights by Monkey Place Catering -not to personally mention the beautiful Vegan side dishes the couple ordered for their special guests.  As the sun began its descent we were graced with sights of amazing Highlander cows.  Venturing across the country property and capturing laughter, photo and film showcased the timeless images of this milestone day. Being a hunter valley wedding photographer means we have this amazing backdrop to showcase – and Adams Peak Country Estate never seems to disappoint. 

The Evening’s Symphony;

Enter the funky tunes of the Baker Boy Band to guide the family and guests up to the Barn. Amid heartfelt speeches, the covered outdoor setting emerged as a dance floor adorned with fairy lights and playful spot lights. The Adams Peak team orchestrated flawlessness throughout the evening – and a huge thanks to Anne-Marie for hosting me and gear – making these days flow so well.

A Symphony of Gratitude;

Above all, to the bride, the groom, and the entire Adams Peak crew and the amazing vendors listed below, a heartfelt thank you for entrusting me with the privilege of capturing this chapter. A few photos, a sweet little highlight film and some epic moments elevated the days capture.

In conclusion, as the story unfurls and each chapter develops in this masterpiece, I’m eager to unveil the visual symphony of another grand wedding.  A testament to a day etched in memory and illuminated by love. But above all, one’s wedding day with elements of love and laugher through music and great food should be enough to make any wedding goer happy, right? 

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Wedding Vendors;

Gown Designer – Allure Bridals
Bridesmaid Gown Designer – Tussah
Shoe Designer(s) – RM Williams
Suit Designer – Peter Jackson
Hair Artist – Chic Artistry 
Make Up Artist – Chic Artistry 
Invitations Design – Paper Fox design 
Celebrant – Marli Stretton
Florist – Ali, Wild Rosie
Music / Entertainment – Baker Boy Band
Catering Company – Monkey Place Catering
Wedding Venue – Adam’s Peak