Winter has come and Gone! Golden Light Wedding Prep with Kirsty + Andrew

Newcastle is one of my personal fave photo backdrops. It’s kind of hard to beat up here in the Hunter Valley, as it offers so much more than just a pristine water view. Preparing for their wedding, Kirsty and Andrew wanted their shoot to have the feelings of home, coming from the Inner West in Sydney, with the beach and salty air near by - just the perfect location to hold their pre wedding session.

Beating the crowds in, they head up the freeway mid week to meet me at Hunter Street Mall, talking in all things backstreets, rooftops, graffiti and a little bit of wedding chat... all while having a relaxed, fun photo shoot.

With less than a month before their wedding day, excitement was high, and I sure knew how to expertly frame all the pretty photos of these two, just being in love. Keeping the style light and fun, we bounced from location to location, allowing that famous Hunter Valley afternoon light to work it’s magic as the sun set.

“For me, it’s about making these guys feel amazing in the time we have. Whoever the couple... and no matter where. Full stop. And the experience these amazing couples have with me on these wedding shoots always differ, in an awesome way.”

“I think it’s important to spend time with your wedding photographer before your big day, as you would with other wedding vendors. And these session really allow them to be them…together. Forget strict poses and tourist locations… I even ask couples to choose a way when we come to an intersection. It keeps me sharp, and gives them the freedom they hopefully never thought was possible on a couple shoot”

So here we go - you’re about to see some awesome love on another relaxed Newcastle photo session! By now their wedding would have been shot and edited, but it’s always nice to take a step back and see where I first met them…and to show you all how well couples can look, with a tiny afternoon session.

What a beautiful way to memorialise the year ahead and and celebrate your love!

Hope you love - and throw me (or them a comment if you like!)

Enjoy + Peace

Gez Xavier Mansfield