Elise + Damon / Pre Wedding. Backstreets and a million Laughs

This pre wedding photoshoot of Elise + Damon was tee’d up after they dropped their gorgeous little girls off at their Grandad’s house, before cruising up north to the sleek backstreets of Newcastle! A perfect location hand picked to beat the crowds, melt some ice and feel great in eachother’s arms - not to mention the laughs!

And the best part - we didn’t have to worry about yelling out ‘Car!’ when crossing roads!

Personal journeys like this shoot bring out the best in each other as you both find the comfort zone …

And just think how awesome the day will be when their girls find these shots hidden away for 15 years! Another perfect day in pre wedding photography paradise! Hope you love this one!!

Enjoy + Peace!

Gez Xavier Mansfield